Chapter 3: 10000 Years Later

by Adam Sapphire

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He’s awake, he’s finally conscious, we did it.
Where am I?
Welcome to Crystal City, your highness
How long have I been dead?
10,000 of your years have passed since the Martyr of Valhalla and the end of The Second Inter-dimensional war.
I saw visions of my home, Earth, only a few years had passed. But no, it’s 10000 years later
You are correct sir, parallel dimensions always exist within the same stream of time, what you experienced must have been a dream, manifested through the memories of your home world.
Why am I here?
Because of your sacrifice we have enjoyed 10,000 years of peace and prosperity, but the Demon Armies have started to regroup and grow in strength, conquering many small human settlements, we want you to stop them before we enter a 3rd interdimensional war.
Sapphire Edge?
Yes, we managed to recover your weapon. Quite an unusual blade, a sentient weapon forged by demons, but infused with the power of Transcended Guardians.
And what of the others, all my friends trapped in the Soulwell?
This is something we need to discuss with you, we resurrected you from the Soulwell because you were the most powerful warrior, the hero of Valhalla. But we can only bring back three others before the Soulwell becomes too unstable and collapses.
Three? There are hundreds of thousands of souls…
Yes, and if we disrupt the flow of the soulwell they will be lost.
I understand, you are actively scanning my thoughts, I assume?
Yes, sir. With your permission I will search your memories for there RSIs. I will also provide relevant data mined from our study of the Soulwell, and the history of the Second Interdimensional War.
James Hope
James Hope the 7th, son of James Hope the 6th who was widely believed by The Guardians to be the last of the Transcended. Estimated Age at death, 120. Abandoned as a child on a Neutral Industrial World, in the slums of Rhy’Din. James Hope first made a name for himself as a ruthless mercenary, before joining The Sapphire Kingdom of Valhalla. We believe that James Hope VII is truly the last of The Transcended, as he possesses command over both destruction and creation magic. Ancient manuscripts recovered from Guardian ruins suggest that it can take up to millennia of proper training for a Transcended Guardian to reach their full potential.
Edge Hope
The Fallen Guardian, Edge. Half-Brother to James Hope VII through their mother. Estimated Age at death, 130. An elite and highly skilled assassin, specializing in killing Ascended Guardians. Originally sent to assassinate James Hope, Edge instead joined together with his half-brother after James demonstrated his ability to use magic from the schools Destruction and Creation, a trait limited to Transcended Guardians.
Viktor Storm
An interesting choice… Viktor Storm was a simple artist and inventor before his world was overtaken, early in the Second Interdimensional War. Viktor chose to become a Familiar, a human who serves demons, in exchange for his life. Storm was subjected to years of experimental magic research, permanently mutating his arms into grotesque appendages designed to focus and direct magical energy. Viktor served a dual role as a warrior, and the head forge master of the Demonic Armada. Storm forged the Sentient Blade Sapphire Edge, The blade that slew Demon High Commander and was used during The Martyr of Valhalla. After Naberius’ Death Storm defected to The Citrine Kingdom of Valhalla, after reversing the effects of his disfigurement, Storm invented the X-Zone Storage System, a technology still in use today.
Yeah, X-Zone is pretty awesome…
The citizens of Crystal City would like you to make a public appearance; they have been anticipating your return for many centuries. But before me make your return public, there are a few things we’d like you to look into.
Let me guess, find out where all the demons are coming from before they know I’m back.

“So at last we finally meet Adam Sapphire
After 10,000 Years I’d almost given up hope
You and I aren’t so different, Adam

We’re both elite slayers, we’re both game players
Everything was going fine, til we hit lv. 99
This world is no longer fun, when all of the endgame is done
What’s the left to do? When there’s nobody strong enough to stand against you
Sit back and watch the disaster, roll the dice as the dungeon master
Move my pawns like a game of chess, controlling demon armies like an RTS
I just let you forge your sword because I was fucking bored
I’m not a demon, I’m a man, who’s filled with more hate then the Ku Klux Klan
Fought in the first great war, then they tosses me aside like a used-up whore
My machines create demons with no free-will, at my command they attack and kill
It was all part of my plan, the second great war was created by man
Dungeon Master rolls the dice, let me give you some advice
You love to fight your way uphill, I know it gives you a thrill
Being a war wizard was your dream, killing motherfuckers makes you cream
I’m the one who fulfilled your dream.
It was all part of my plan, None have more potential for evil then man
I was having so much fun, I even let you kill my son
Naberius was a work of art, a demon’s body and a human heart
You remember that Sapphire light, monitored your progress since your very first fight
Listen up, here’s the thing, that energy came from the Guardian’s King
With his final breath As he died in disgrace, James hurtled his power through the darkness of space
We tracked it for a century, all the way to your penitentiary
The prison you called earth, back when your life had no worth
You want me dead? What a delight, please attack me with all your might.”


released December 25, 2010



all rights reserved


Adam Sapphire Dubuque, Iowa

In a parallel dimension filled with powerful magic, there has been an intergalactic war raging between humanity and a race of demons for thousands of years. Humanity is losing the war...

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