Fighting For My Friends

from by Adam Sapphire



Amethyst to Sapphire Control Tower, Sapphire, do you copy? "This is Sapphire, copy" exiting the Extrazone in 3, 2, 1, mark. Focus crystals at 4% disengage shielding interlock. Approaching Earth's gravitational field in T-minus 5 minutes. Divert all remaining power to life-support and propulsion. All squads prepare for combat deployment in T-minus 5 minutes. Shielding Interlock has been disengaged. Good luck, James... see you on Earth. Amethyst out. "Copy that, thanks man..."

You were always there to clean up my mess - the first call when I'm in distress
We earned those scars - fighting amongst the stars
You said "goodbye" I said "see you later" when you left me there in search of the creator
I watched it all burn - but I knew you'd return

I heard you were back, maybe it's a rumor - but I miss your smile and your sense of humor
Things just haven't been the same - since you've been gone it's been pretty fucking lame
I was always filled with pride to call you my friend and fight by your side
I will gladly join your campaign - even if everybody else thinks you're insane

In the beginning of this war - I didn't know what we were fighting for
I don't care how this ends - 'cuz now I'm fighting for my friends


from In Defense of Heaven on Earth EP, released December 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Adam Sapphire Dubuque, Iowa

In a parallel dimension filled with powerful magic, there has been an intergalactic war raging between humanity and a race of demons for thousands of years. Humanity is losing the war...

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