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I came back to Earth through the astral gates to an ancient kingdom called The United States. I came home (to Earth) looking for some answers, but my home town of Dubuque was controlled by necromancers. So I teamed up with this noble prince who was looking for help so he was easy to convince, and he had to power to manipulate flames, and was somehow related to my old pal James

He seemed pretty cool and his name was Sol, then he pulled out some herb and we smoked a bowl. He told me necromancers used a magic ring to enslave his father, the fallen king. They ruled the land through might and fear, So now my mission seems pretty clear. In the wake the Blue Star earlier this year the prophets spoke of me coming here.

Things wont be like they were before. We've always dreamed of something more. The huddled masses yearning to breath free and embrace modern wizardry. Give me your tired, your sick and poor, as I lift up my lamp to the golden door.


from In Defense of Heaven on Earth EP, released December 1, 2016



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Adam Sapphire Dubuque, Iowa

In a parallel dimension filled with powerful magic, there has been an intergalactic war raging between humanity and a race of demons for thousands of years. Humanity is losing the war...

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